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the digitaLJ
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Anybody , Moderated
this community is here for people to share their works; get feedback and critiques; become better photographers; have related discussions; and so on. just enjoy yourself here :-)

"a picture is worth a thousand words"
(...we hate this saying. pictures are worth about 30 to 40 words)

1.all pictures are appropriate here.
if the content is mature, large in resolution, or large in quantity--please put it behind a cut (how to lj-cut)

2.all photography related discussions are also appropriate here.
such as digital camera questions; picture critiques; etc... so far the community has no rules for discussions; however, rules will be implemented and enforced if required in the future.

3.all pieces relating to digital imaging are appropriate here.
this means flash; animated icons and avatars; photoshop brushes; etc... are all welcome here

i maintain this community, so please feel free to drop any suggestions or gripes to me aimoto


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